Full Anechoic Chamber for Emissions Control Testing

December 12, 2022

Arvin Sango - Whitmore Lake, MI

Project Features:
Technical Center, Greenfield Site, Turnkey Design and Construction, Semi-Anechoic Chamber, 4WD Chassis Dynamometer, Full Anechoic Chamber, 4WD Chassis Dyno, Fuel Panels, Gas Detection Panel, Emissions Test

Full anechoic test chamber for emissions product development and measuring exhaust noise

The Challenge

Arvin Sango, a Tier I and II supplier of exhaust and emissions systems and other components, required a technical center to enhance product research and development within close vicinity of their North American clients’ product development locations. This proximity would enable Arvin Sango to bring the testing capabilities of their Japanese technical center to current clients and future clients in North America, improving both local and global presence. To successfully replicate the specialized testing capabilities of their Japanese testing center, site selection alongside facility and testing design and construction demanded consistent alignment with existing testing frameworks for exhaust and emissions systems.

The Solution

ACS supported the client in locating a suitable property to meet Arvin Sango’s culture and ideals. Once a site was located, ACS provided design and engineering services to complete the facility design around specialized testing requirements and office space criteria, including:

  • a full anechoic chamber for measuring exhaust noise
  • a semi-anechoic chamber with a 4WD chassis dynamometer
  • cold flow testing capabilities
  • an open high bay for prototype and materials testing and development
  • additional space for upfitting of another future test cell

During the design and test equipment procurement phases, ACS utilized internal expertise and testing knowledge to ensure the best value for money on specialized equipment procured and integrated with the full and semi-anechoic chambers. When needed, ACS designed and manufactured customized equipment such as a gasoline fuel panel and gas detection panel, to address testing requirements. The full anechoic chamber, for example, needs to measure the sound created by a tailpipe where the engine creating the noise is in a test cell adjacent to the acoustic room. Similarly, the semi-anechoic chamber is integrated with the 4WD chassis dynamometer. Through an innovative design, air can be distributed into the test spaces to provide engine cooling and tire cooling without adding support cooling fans. The facility is outfitted with office and support areas for internal staff and Arvin Sango’s automotive OEMs, offering in-person communication during research and development.

The Outcome

Arvin Sango’s new facility allows them to be local to their client base. Their proximity offers new opportunities for in-person meetings and more rapid development of prototype components for testing both at our client’s site and for evaluating their end-user OEM’s site. Further, this technical center allows the client to develop new products in the USA without having to rely on their Japanese counterparts, creating new avenues for continuous business growth in a global marketplace.

Key Features

  • Turnkey design, construction, systems integration, commissioning
  • Greenfield site
  • Full anechoic chamber for measuring exhaust noise
  • Semi-anechoic 4WD chassis dynamometer chamber
  • Cold flow testing
  • Offices and restrooms
  • Open high bay for prototype development, materials testing, engine prep
  • Machine room

ACS Services

ACS provided site selection consulting, front end planning, turnkey design and construction, facilities and equipment integration, and commissioning. ACS designed and manufactured custom equipment including panels for gasoline fuel measurement and gas detection, facility PLC, and remote I/O panels for engine, chassis, and cell fuel.