Carbon Capture Plant Modular Skid Design and Fabrication

June 15, 2022

Linde Gas North America, LLC - Murray Hill, NJ

Project Features:
Modular Skid Design and Fabrication, Pilot Plant Construction, Aerosol Particle Reduction Technology Test, Construction Management

Carbon capture plant modular skid for pre-treatment test for aerosol particle removal from flue gas

The Challenge

Linde is the world’s largest industrial gas company. With funding from the US Department of Energy, the company is testing three technologies to find the one most effective at reducing aerosol particle concentrations in flue gas of coal-fired power plants.

Reducing the amount of solvent lost will make carbon capture technology less expensive, encouraging its adoption on a wider scale. Such technology is critical in the fight against climate change.

Linde furnished one of the technologies for the test, an electrostatic precipitator. ACS was engaged to fabricate a high-velocity spray tower and a media filter that could be tested against the precipitator. The project also required piping and a control panel.

Challenges included:

  • A tight timeline. It was critical to the study that the tests begin on time.
  • Corrosive materials. The process fluid in the tests is highly acidic. Designers would have to take care to select materials and equipment able to withstand its low pH.
  • Impermanent construction. The study was slated to last only six months, at which time the entire build would be dismantled and removed.

The Solution

ACS was chosen because it not only has expertise with custom fluid processing equipment and systems, but also has the ability to hold construction contracts and manage installation and commissioning of the equipment.

Working with the client and research partners, ACS developed flow diagrams into full process and instrumentation diagrams:

  • The solution needed to connect to the exhaust stack to sample flue gas
  • The solution needed access to cooling water to replenish the spray tower and to potable water
  • The solution needed access to industrial waste disposal to remove contaminated water

ACS engineered all the mechanical systems for the project, using off-the-shelf components where possible and fabricating custom components where needed. It also supervised the build of the pilot plant, managing all subcontractors performing construction activities and keeping project stakeholders apprised of the build’s progress.

An Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with PanelView Plus 1500 underpinned the controls automating the tests. A data collection module was implemented to measure temperatures, pressures, and flow rates.

All of the equipment was factory tested to ensure functionality before being commissioned on site. This minimized the time spent on site and ensured the unit met standards and specifications before delivery.


Once construction was complete, ACS stayed on site until the process gas was flowing to ensure the equipment was functioning properly and collecting the appropriate data. The equipment is conducting its tests at an Illinois power plant.

Linde was able to get equipment and controls designed, fabricated, and installed; the construction site managed; and, at the conclusion of the test, the entire build dismantled and removed – all with a single contract from ACS.

Key Features

  • System for testing new technology for reducing aerosol concentrations in flue gas
  • Modular skid design and fabrication for pilot plant construction
  • Single source contract for equipment and controls, management of onsite installation, dismantle and removal at end of test

ACS Services

  • Designed and fabricated a custom high velocity spray tower, media filter, associated piping, and control panel
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to verify all equipment was functional
  • Managed contractors for onsite installation including all connections to process piping, process cooling water, industrial waste, potable water, electrical
  • Commissioning on site with process gas flowing to ensure proper automatic operation and data collection.


“This project is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy with Linde Gas North America LLC as the prime awardee.”