Process and Control Systems Upgrade Using Mitsubishi PLCs

January 22, 2021

Project Features:
Process Controls System Upgrade, Mitsubishi PLC, Metering and Dispensing System

process control system, control systems manufacturers

Project Overview

Our client, an industry leader in conventional and intermodal transportation equipment manufacturing, needed to replace the current control system components and enclosures, due to obsolescence, for their existing grease metering systems at three plants. The customer specified Mitsubishi PLCs to replace their PC-based systems and wanted the operation of the new control system to have functionality identical to the current systems. The instrumentation and equipment outside of the control panel (flowmeters, solenoid valves, drum level switches, stack lights, etc.) were not changed.

ACS Solution

ACS provided three new process control systems for production machines, each with a NEMA 12 industrial control panel housing the PLC, HMI, and related control components necessary for controlling the grease metering and dispensing lines. The upgraded process control system was runoff at ACS’ manufacturing facility for factory acceptance; equipment external to the control panel was simulated for this runoff.

ACS completed installation and commissioning for each process control system and provided an engineer on site for the first production day following each system installation. The production schedule was accommodated to ensure the control upgrade did not interfere with planned production.

ACS worked collaboratively with the client on the process control system design through design reviews using our Custom Equipment Process as required and started by collecting the following information from the client:

  • Part numbers and technical information for the flow meters necessary for selecting appropriate input modules and programming them for correct flow measurement
  • A control sequence for the operation of the system, required for accurately duplicating the functionality of the current process
  • A list of the various HMI screens to understand the required user interaction and process data
  • A complete I/O list with necessary wiring detail to be able to create wiring schematics for the new control system
  • An understanding of what data is being sent to and/or retrieved from any external sources, including databases, MES system, etc.

Key Features

  • Process control system for axle grease application and metering on the production line
  • Replaced obsolete controls hardware and software with Mitsubishi PLC
  • Controls integration with existing instrumentation and mechanical systems
  • HMI screens for ease of operation
  • Systems at each of three plants have identical functionality
  • Complete drawing and software documentation for the project

ACS Services

Controls Engineering and Design, Control Panel Build, Integration with Client’s Existing Equipment, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), Commissioning

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