Custom Product Quality Test Stand

May 4, 2022

Project Features:
Integrated Product Quality Test Stand, Reliability Testing, Production Verification, NI™ LabVIEW DAQ (data acquisition) and Control System

Product quality test stand improves throughput and HiPot testing safety requirements

The Challenge

The assembly line at this manufacturer of automation and control devices was being bottlenecked by obsolete end-of-line product quality test stands.

In addition to performing more slowly than the rest of the line, the old test stands required a high degree of manual intervention. Inadequate safety features created a risk of operator injury.

These product quality test stands were no longer able to fulfill their function of ensuring product quality. Their data acquisition was unreliable. Inaccurate product quality test data created a risk for errors that could lead to costly warranty and recall issues.

The Solution

ACS designed, engineered, and built a custom product quality test stand to replace the client’s obsolete models. ACS performed factory acceptance testing with full test fixture runoff before commissioning the new equipment at the customer’s site.

The new test stands are much safer for workers to operate. The ergonomically designed test stand features interlocks, emergency stops, built-in guarding and integrated high potential (HiPot) testing.

To address the need for better data quality control, the new system includes standalone data capture, logging, and stand control.


The manufacturer has lowered its risk of product quality recalls by reducing opportunities for human error and improving reliable data collection.

Increased automation improves operator safety while simultaneously shortening the test cycle, improving efficiency and productivity on the line.

Data is being captured and logged more accurately, giving the manufacturer a more reliable picture of product quality. A database created as part of the solution integrates with the client’s existing IT systems to provide seamless transfer and traceability of data.

ACS incorporated parts manufactured by the client itself into the design of the new equipment. This kept costs low, accelerated the project schedule, and ensured replacement parts for the product quality test stand will always be easy to obtain.

Key Features

  • Product quality test stand with integrated controls and data acquisition (DAQ)
  • Guarding and integrated HiPot testing improves safety
  • Minimal operator time and interaction in the testing process improves productivity
  • Increased reliability of test equipment improves test quality

ACS Services

Design, engineer and build of custom test stand with data acquisition, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) with full test fixture run-off, on-site commissioning at customer site