Research and Development Automotive Technical Center on a Greenfield Site

Subaru - Van Buren Township, Michigan

Project Features: Greenfield, New Construction, Design/Build, Turnkey Delivery, Test Equipment Procurement, Installation, integration, Facility & Equipment Integration, 4WD EPA1066 Chassis Dynamometer Test Cell, SHEDs for Evaporative Emission Testing, Fuel Room

r&d technical center greenfield site

Project Overview

Subaru Research and Development (SRD) was seeking a new technical center to expand testing capabilities, increase office space, and provide the ability to do on-site vehicle testing on a private track, all due to growth in their business. ACS partnered with SRD early in their process and assisted with site selection and initial planning, using our Front-End Planning (FEP) process.

ACS held a single source design/build contract that included all greenfield site development; managing the design and construction of the facility; new utilities (power, water, sewer) to the site; equipment specification, procurement, and installation; relocation of existing test equipment from previous location; and commissioning of all building utilities as well as commissioning and integration of test equipment and systems.

Key Features

  • Greenfield, new construction, 80-acre site development
  • 56,000 SF facility with high bay testing and workshop space
  • Two story office space including collaborative workspaces throughout facility
  • 4WD, EPA1066 chassis dynamometer/dyno test cell
  • Two (2) SHED (Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination) test chambers for emission testing
  • Fuel room
  • Vehicle soak spaces
  • Vehicle preparation, evaluation, and workshop areas
  • Support space with vehicle lifts, vehicle alignment, tire mounting
  • Test track (future) and skid pad

ACS Services

  • Front End Planning (FEP) to define project requirements including acceptance criteria, develop budget, and identify preliminary schedule
  • Site evaluation and selection recommendations
  • Turn-key single source, design/build project delivery
    • Design and construction management
    • Site development
    • Equipment specification
    • Relocation of existing test equipment
    • Equipment procurement and installation
    • Integration of equipment and facility systems
    • Commissioning

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