Integration EMC Chamber | EMI Test Chamber

June 15, 2022

Project Features:
EMC Chamber, EMC Test Chamber, EMI Chamber, Control Room, Amplifier Room and Ventilation System, Facility Renovation, Systems Integration, Semi Anechoic

EMC test chamber EMI chamber installation required adherence to electric isolation design specifications throughout construction

The Challenge

This client is a manufacturer of earth moving equipment for the agriculture and forestry industry. The company’s equipment must undergo tests for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance, which they had outsourced to a facility in Illinois. When an outdoor EMC test pad at the facility was damaged in a tornado, they took the opportunity to bring the testing in-house.

To increase the testing capacity and repeatability, this client wanted to build an indoor semi anechoic EMC test chamber that would allow for testing on a schedule that is independent of the weather and provides a more controlled environment. A technical challenge inherent with all EMC chambers is preventing leakage of electromagnetic radiation. In this particular case, this was compounded by the test unit size, accessibility, and loaded operation requirements.

The Solution

ACS specified and procured an EMC chamber from a well-known supplier, which includes shielded modular panel sections in a self-supporting structure. A shielded steel floor welded over a dielectric vapor barrier and underlayment and coated with epoxy maintains the chamber’s electrical isolation.

The chamber has its own custom designed ventilation system that includes humidification and scavenge exhaust, designed and installed by ACS, and its own engine exhaust. To prevent electromagnetic radiation from leaking through the ventilation system, all connections were carefully designed for electric isolation.

After designing an innovative solution, ACS oversaw the construction and installation of the new chamber at this client’s Iowa-based Corporate Test facility. ACS was responsible for ensuring adherence to the electric isolation design specifications throughout all phases of construction, commissioning, and close out.


The indoor test chamber allows this client to conduct EMC testing year-round, regardless of weather. Previously, in-house testing could only be conducted in the warmer months when the weather was favorable. Eliminating reliance on outside testing facilities has saved shipping, travel, and outsourced services costs, as well as giving this client greater control over scheduling its tests.

The chamber also creates an opportunity for an additional revenue stream, as they can now perform equipment tests for other companies as an outside contractor.

Key Features

  • Semi Anechoic EMC Chamber specification, installation, and integration
  • Custom designed ventilation system with humidification, scavenge exhaust, and engine exhaust system
  • Testing in accordance with ISO13766 for earth moving equipment and ISO14982 for agriculture and forestry
  • Electrically shielded control room provides the ability to conduct bench top tests as required

ACS Services

  • ACS provided project management services for the entire project
  • Managed the design process
  • Procured and managed installation of EMC chamber
  • Held contracts for and managed all subcontractors during construction phases
  • On-site construction management and supervision services throughout the project