Modular Enclosures for Electric Vehicle Battery Testing

February 3, 2021

Project Features:
Modular Enclosures, E-Motor Drive Systems, Battery, and Inverter Development Test, Air Handling, Electrical, and Safety Systems, Site Preparation and Installation, Commissioning

Project Overview

Our client, a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes engines used in nearly every type of vehicle needed to conduct R&D testing of batteries, inverters and E-motor drive systems and components to support new product lines for truck engines. They were looking for a test cell enclosure manufacturer because their test requirements included new technologies not currently used to test existing products and they needed a dedicated new space on their technical center campus.

ACS Solution

ACS, a test cell enclosure manufacturer, provided a turnkey solution composed of seven modular enclosures for E-motor, battery and inverter testing, designed to be installed at the customer site in a configuration that made a complete new testing lab, independent of the existing technical center.

The seven modular enclosures for electrification testing were built at ACS manufacturing facility for quality control and to minimize time on site. Of the seven enclosures, two were for E-motor testing, two for battery testing and one for inverter tests. The remaining two enclosures included electrical and test cell support equipment. The build out of the modular enclosures was sequenced to meet project requirements.

Test equipment and skidded systems including enclosure cooling and heating, safety systems, PLC system, and battery suppression systems, were installed prior to shipment. ACS, a test cell enclosure manufacturer and construction management company, met the client schedule for having an operational test lab as quickly as possible by managing site preparations (concrete slab, utilities, etc.) in parallel with the fabrication of the seven enclosures at ACS manufacturing facility.

Key Features

  • Test enclosures for E-motor, battery, and inverter R&D, designed and fabricated at ACS
  • Systems for heating and cooling, safety, battery suppression, and controls designed, built, and Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT) at ACS manufacturing facility and installed in the modular enclosures prior to shipment to site
  • New substation and all new electrical distribution to the seven enclosures at customer site

ACS Services

  • Turnkey design, engineering, integration, and fabrication of seven modular enclosures. Managed site preparation, including concrete footings and pad, utilities, and support systems.
  • Control panels, instrumentation and devices were fabricated and installed at ACS manufacturing.
  • Designed, built, installed, and integrated systems for heating and cooling, safety, and battery hazard suppression.
  • Commissioned all ACS-provided equipment and controls within the enclosures prior to shipment and final commissioning after delivery to client site.