Test Stand DAQ Control Upgrade

February 22, 2021

Project Features:
Machine and Equipment Control, NI™ VeriStand Data Acquisition (DAQ), Systems Integrator, Compressor Test Stand Controls Upgrade

Data Acquisition (DAQ) using NI Veristand with PXi hardware

Project Overview

Our client had an increased need for testing their compressor products with natural gas. They sought improved cycle time, better process control, tighter tolerance, better data, and room for future expansion of the controls for this test stand, the only one that could run on natural gas. Long cycle times and older control/DAQ systems with no room for expansion limited amount and type of tests that could be run.

Client wanted to run the loop at conditions near the gas/liquid phase boundary without crossing over into liquid phase. Significant decrease in time for loop to respond to step changes in test conditions (previously 4-8 hours for loop to stabilize).

ACS Solution

ACS developed an NI VeriStand DAQ (Data Acquisition) system and remote I/O cabinets designed for Class 1/Division 2 environment and a high-speed data acquisition (up to 20 kHz) system. Safety features are integrated with an Allen Bradley Compact Guard Logix PLC.

Testing throughput has been significantly increased with new faster loop control. Tighter tolerances allow client to run tests closer to real-world conditions. New DAQ and PLC systems were designed with large amount of extra capacity to allow for future growth in testing capability.

ACS worked with our client to 1) minimize downtime for test stand during upgrades, 2) make modifications to existing gas loop to allow for tighter loop control, 3) add VFDs to loop cooler fans and modulating actuators to cooler louvers, and 4) understand needs for future expansion to allow for this in the design of control cabinets.

Key Features

  • Programming – DAQ – channel configuration, calculated variables, dual screen development, auto test cycle.
  • PLC – Loop control with temperature and pressure control for compressor inlet and outlet, room ventilation
  • Platform – DAQ – NI™ VeriStand with PXi hardware
  • PLC – Allen Bradley Compact Guard Logix
  • Commissioning – Full DAQ and PLC commissioning
  • Panel Build – Main PLC panel, 4 Remote I/O Panels
  • One DAQ cabinet with two instrumentation boxes with new boom arms
  • Field Devices – Loop venting control valve, new VFDs for cooling fans and cooling water pump

ACS Services

Systems Integrator, Controls Engineering and Design, Control Panel Build, Integration with Client’s Existing Equipment, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing), Commissioning