Emissions Development Test Cell Upgrade

Location - Peterborough, UK

Project Features: Emissions R&D, Certification, Heavy Duty Engines, Dynamometer

emissions test cell upgrade

ACS provided a fully integrated service including the decommissioning of existing test cells and construction of 12 heavy duty diesel engine Tier IV development test cells. The client required that the project be executed with minimal disruption to existing operations. ACS met this requirement and delivered the entire project on time and below budget.

Key Performance Features:

  • Three test cells with low inertia (0.30 kgm2) permanent magnet AC dynamometers for transient performance, complete with regenerative capability.
  • Nine test cells with interchangeable 450kW and 300kW eddy current dynamometers.
  • Demonstrated turn down ratio of 300 – 30kW.
  • D2T Morphee II data acquisition and control system providing test bed automation and data logging up to 200Hz.
  • Seamless integration into client’s test management and post process test systems.
  • Dynamic fuel measurement with temperature conditioning and remote pressure regulation
  • Fully conditioned combustion air up to 1850m3/hr.
  • Direct ACS procurement of over $2.5 million of building and laboratory equipment.
  • Design, supply and installation of chillers, boilers and air handling units.
  • Blow By, Smoke and Opacity Measurements.
  • ECU communication via CANape with MCD interface to data acquisition system.
  • Comprehensive commissioning schedule, including test-to-test and bed-to-bed repeatability.
  • Induction & training program for operators and maintenance personnel covering test bed operation, dynamometer, data acquisition, PLC, mechanical systems and fire alarm.
  • Semi-conditioned cell temperature and pressure.

ACS Services:

ACS held a single-source contract for design and construction management; equipment specification, procurement and installation; integration of equipment and facility systems; and commissioning.