Engine Docking Systems for Production Test Cell Upgrade

November 10, 2021

Project Features:
Engine Handling, Engine Docking, Rigging, Safety Guarding, End-of-Line (EOL) Testing

upgrade production test cells, engine test cells

Project Overview

An OEM engine manufacturer needed to upgrade their engine handling equipment for End-of-Line (EOL) testing. The upgrade was driven by their commitment to industry best practices and because a new dimensionally larger and higher output engine was added to their product line. Engine handling equipment included engine docking fixtures, engine docking stations and systems, safety guarding, and rigging components.

ACS Solution

ACS worked with our client to evaluate what existing equipment could accommodate the larger engines and redesigned and built equipment that would not support the new engine lines. The equipment was designed to handle the full load torque of the new engine while retaining functionality for the already existing engines.

Key Features

Improve and update aging equipment in engine test cells to support End-of-Line (EOL) testing of dimensionally larger and higher output engine

  • docking fixtures
  • docking stations and systems
  • safety guarding
  • rigging components

ACS Services

Evaluated current equipment. Designed and built test cell equipment to handle the higher loads generated by more powerful engines. All ACS-designed and fabricated equipment was engineered to fit in and around already existing test cell equipment. On-site commissioning to ensure it functioned properly with the new and existing engines