Modular Enclosure for Automotive Component Testing

September 24, 2020

Autoliv - Ogden, Utah

Project Features:
Modular Enclosure for R&D Test, Acoustics and Vibration Test, Automotive Component Test, Electrodynamic Shaker, Buzz Squeak Rattle (BSR)

Project Overview

Our client needed to add R&D testing capabilities for noise and vibration of automotive air bag components. Noise that was once masked by an internal combustion engine is now more noticeable; customers indicate that noise is coming from the dash of vehicles.

The Autoliv Ogden Technical Center (OTC) designs the inflator component of air bag systems and the content of the inflator is a series of pellets that are contained in a metal capsule. Prototypes of the inflator were designed and manufactured to meet DOT levels of completeness and then shipped to the client’s Michigan acoustics lab for testing, which increased costs and design duration. The introduction of this acoustic measurement lab at OTC allows Autoliv to more quickly develop inflator products as a true prototype can be tested in their facility.

Key Performance Features

Technical drivers included:

  • Decrease time and cost of design development process
  • Reduce noise radiated from air bag components
  • Provide test enclosure with background noise level at or below 25 dBA re 20 µPa
  • Prevent electrical noise in the signal through proper grounding

ACS Services

ACS turnkey delivered a modular sound enclosure with shaker and data acquisition system for R&D acoustic and vibration testing of automotive components, from initial design through commissioning and turn-over to client. ACS was the single source for the entire project which allowed for all aspects of the project to be coordinated and installed in a timely manner. ACS provided acoustic and vibration expertise and experience to complete the design and integrate the solution into the facility.

ACS commissioning service included overseeing start-up services provided by shaker supplier to ensure proper operation and working with our client to measure sound levels of the ambient and non-loaded shaker in operation.