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5 General Truths About Hydrogen ICE to Know Before Jumping In

September 25, 2023

Through our extensive work on hydrogen testing, we regularly come across five crucial factors regarding the testing of hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) prototypes and products. Factors that often go unnoticed by many companies during their decision-making process whether to move forward with a hydrogen ICE project.

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An operator using an HMI screen

5 Tips for Designing a Better HMI Screen

September 22, 2023

Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens find extensive use across various industries for controlling processes and equipment. However, the diversity in HMI design approaches appears to be as abundant as the countless viewpoints one can imagine.

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Prioritize safety when testing alternative fuels in R&D facilities

SAFETY FIRST: Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Alternative Fuels in R&D Testing Facilities

September 8, 2023

When companies involved in product design, testing, and manufacturing are asked about their top concerns on testing with alternative fuels, safety becomes the primary focus. Testing equipment involving rotating components, high-pressure fluids, and flammable materials inherently carries risks, particularly in research and development where testing outcomes are intentionally exploratory or destructive. Whether making the switch from diesel to battery power or from natural gas to hydrogen, new alternative fuel technology introduces fresh safety challenges. Organizations embarking on or expanding product research involving alternative fuels must place a high priority on implementing effective safety measures at the forefront of their endeavors, rather than responding reactively to crises as they arise.

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ACS Recognized as a Crain’s “Best Places to Work” for Three Years

August 25, 2023

ACS has been recognized and awarded by Crain’s Detroit Business as a “2023 Best Place to Work.” Our unique blend of adaptable work schedules, competitive salary and benefits offerings, engaging social gatherings, fulfilling client assignments, and initiatives to acknowledge our employees’ contributions, sets us apart as a great place to work.

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Hydrogen Fuel Testing

August 9, 2023

The realm of alternative fuels, specifically hydrogen-powered fuel cells and internal combustion engines, is growing rapidly. Various automakers and aerospace companies are actively seeking opportunities in this domain. ACS is your reliable partner with a proven track record of designing and constructing safe, scalable, and compliant alternative energy test cells.

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Aerospace Testing Solutions

June 5, 2023

ACS offers a comprehensive range of services for aerospace testing. We deliver tailored solutions that meet the full scope of testing needs of our clients, with specialized expertise in facility and equipment integration. Our team of experienced professionals enables us to undertake projects of any size or complexity.

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Displaying 1 to 10 of 158 Resources