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Robotic palletizer controls

Robotics and PLC Safety

As control services evolve, they cover a broader spectrum of interconnected and automated systems and processes. With greater complexity in control system management, it’s crucial to consider these questions before diving into robotics and PLC safety measures.

Planning for and Integrating EV Test Cell Projects

Contemplating the planning and integration of an EV test cell? When formulating strategies for such projects, it’s crucial to proactively address questions regarding planning, considerations for test equipment, test cell considerations, facility/test integration, and safety. Ensuring everything aligns seamlessly before the project begins is crucial for a successful implementation.

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Planning for Environmental Chamber Projects

If you are looking to take charge of test conditions, processes, and schedules, a tailored environmental chamber puts your company in control. The foundation of any test facility design project lies in asking the right upfront questions. When planning a climatic chamber, it’s essential to factor in budget considerations and adhere to safety requirements.

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Retrofit or New Build for Hydrogen Testing

A frequent question from companies venturing into hydrogen combustion engine and fuel cell production is whether their current facilities can undergo retrofitting for hydrogen testing. The answer, quite naturally, is “it depends.” Various factors need careful consideration to determine the feasibility of such modifications.

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Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

The hydrogen internal combustion engine presents promising opportunities. Amid the growing interest in hydrogen ICE as an alternative fuel, it’s crucial not to forge ahead without a solid grasp of the project’s complexities. Navigating the budgetary options and safety requirements for constructing test facilities for hydrogen ICE research and development poses a significant challenge.

Implementing Capital Project Solutions

If you look at any older industrial facility, you’ll observe numerous idle, unused conduits and pipes. This exposes the consequences of short-term cost-saving strategies, leading to delayed and costly facility upgrades which, in the long run, translate into deferred and expensive facility upgrades. These facilities require substantial capital project planning.

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Planning for Aerospace Test Buildings

In the current business climate of achieving more with limited resources, aerospace companies encounter a considerable challenge. Balancing the need for increased flexibility, expanded testing capabilities, and faster throughput within tight resource constraints is paramount. This challenge is highlighted when planning for the construction of a new aerospace test building.