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commissioning biosafety laboratory level 3 agricultural hazards

Commission This!

June 29, 2015

While commissioning a BSL-3Ag Lab (biosafety laboratory level 3 for agricultural hazards), I was asked by the project manager to investigate why two high-velocity exhaust fans serving the containment space were not performing as designed. Troubleshooting the system led me to a substantial learning experience.

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When Custom Is Better Than Off-the-Shelf

June 3, 2015

Custom engineered and purpose built test equipment can often better address your requirements for functionality, delivery and price. In today’s world where anything can be found at the touch of a keyboard, chances are good that there is a company out there with a product that exactly meets your needs, right?

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Now That’s a Big Dyno…

June 1, 2015

There are not many 4000 HP-plus AC dynamometer engine test cells, but with the drive for sustainability and reduced operating costs, one of our major customers decided to invest the capital for both high-end test performance and long-term payback.

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Displaying 141 to 150 of 151 Resources