Electric Battery Safety

October 19, 2023

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Battery abuse test safety system submerges battery in the event of thermal runaway

ACS’ Comprehensive Solutions and Expertise for Electric Battery Safety

With the increasing demand for electric batteries spanning various industries, companies are in a competitive race to establish test cells and facilities for comprehensive R&D, production, and battery abuse testing. However, it is crucial that no company’s testing plans overlook the unique safety challenges associated with electric battery testing.

At ACS, we offer an abundance of services tailored to the design and implementation of test stands, test cells, and facilities, ensuring the safe testing of a wide range of electric battery products. Our expertise is built upon the successful completion of numerous electrification projects by our multidisciplinary teams.

Read this document to learn about:

  • Unique battery safety hazards – Explore the specific safety risks associated with electric battery testing, emphasizing their critical importance in ensuring the safety of both personnel and the testing environment.
  • Different battery safety testing solutions – Take a look at the range of testing solutions, encompassing options such as battery abuse testing and modular testing.
  • Effective battery storage management – Discover why test facilities need dedicated areas for the secure storage of electric batteries, featuring robust shelving and specialized fire and gas detection systems.
  • Importance of prioritizing personal safety – Safeguarding personnel during battery testing involves the precise implementation of controls and mechanisms that can swiftly disable power and manage energy dissipation.

Collaborating with a diverse clientele, including automotive, aerospace, engine manufacturers, OEMs, and tier one suppliers, we assist them in achieving their objectives while upholding the stringent battery safety standards essential for electric battery testing.