Electrification Test Solutions

October 19, 2023

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Electrification test solutions for testing electrification of vehicles

ACS’ Expertise in Electrification Technology

Designing infrastructure and utilities for electrification and battery testing requires careful planning to ensure sufficient power supply, energy efficiency, and environmental considerations. Testing needs for the electrification of vehicles are evolving, encompassing areas like charging, energy conversion, storage, thermal management, and safety. Staying in sync with emerging standards is vital in providing safe and effective electrification test solutions. Our expertise in systems integration guides you through these challenges, from planning to commissioning.

ACS is a prominent provider of test facilities, test cells, equipment, and controls for vehicle development and certification. We specialize in battery, Electric Vehicle (EV), and hybrid testing, collaborating with clients to design and construct test stands, controls, test cells, and facilities for developing and testing various EV components, including batteries, inverters, and e-motors.

Read this document to learn about:

  • Designing facilities and infrastructure for electrification – Designing infrastructure and utilities for electrification and battery testing demands careful planning to ensure sufficient power supply, optimization for energy efficiency, integration of utility systems, and environmental considerations for power distribution and recovery, and components.
  • Unique safety challenges – Electrification testing presents a distinctive array of safety hazards, requiring facilities and test cells to consider precise grounding, shielding, and surge protection measures.
  • Customization options – Electrification technology is fairly new terrain, and ACS has worked with many clients to customize the tools and processes they need to conduct safe and effective electrification testing in their facility.
  • Electrification application examples – ACS expertise and experience includes front end planning for an e-lab, designing and building a battery pack test stand and data acquisition systems, and building an EV motor and battery modular test enclosure.

Our multidisciplinary team excels in system integration and customization to create the ideal electrification testing environment. Leveraging our extensive background and knowledge, we ensure strict adherence to demanding battery testing protocols essential for assessing the performance, durability, and safety of high-voltage components. Our test solutions prioritize safety and align seamlessly with your business objectives.