High Voltage Testing Solutions

November 27, 2023

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High voltage testing solutions

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ACS’ Expertise in High Voltage Components

Designing and constructing a high voltage testing facility that prioritizes safety while also aligning with business objectives, requires a deep understanding of the intricate challenges of integrating infrastructure, test cells, and equipment. As voltage levels and power capacity continue to rise, it also makes finding equipment and component vendors capable of meeting these demands challenging. We work to address the challenges of pushing the boundaries of voltage and current, all while ensuring safety and compliance in our test environments.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in seamlessly integrating utilities, facilities, and equipment for high voltage projects of any size or complexity. We provide comprehensive solutions for test facility design, construction, process equipment and instrumentation, as well as testing and data analysis services.

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  • Medium voltage vs. high voltage – The voltage that qualifies as “medium” or “high” differs based the company’s experience with electrification.
  • High voltage destructive testing – During abuse tests, nonstandard voltage and current levels are often needed to push components past endurance.
  • High voltage safety considerations – High voltage testing poses significant safety hazards, primarily due to the potential for electrical shock and arc flash incidents.
  • Future proofing high voltage components – As new technologies develop, with growing power needs that are unclear, future-proofing a high voltage test environment requires flexible infrastructure and adaptable equipment.

Our experience encompasses every facet of designing and implementing systems for the delivery, handling, and dissipation of high voltage energy. We’re dedicated to tailoring solutions that precisely match the diverse and exact testing requirements of our clients.