Hydrogen Fuel Testing

August 9, 2023

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Hydrogen fuel testing

Unlock the Future of Hydrogen Fuel Technology

The landscape of alternative fuels, particularly hydrogen fuel technology such as powered fuel cells and internal combustion engines, is expanding rapidly. Several automakers and aerospace companies are actively exploring opportunities within this sector. For effective navigation through this landscape, having a reliable collaborator with a proven track record in establishing secure, flexible, and compliant test cells utilizing alternative fuels is crucial.

Within our established design methodology, ACS engineers adopt an inside-out approach, comprehending intricate details and the broader picture necessary to craft an infrastructure that expertly links the hydrogen supply, ventilation, and exhaust systems to the Unit Under Test (UUT) to offer safe and efficient hydrogen fuel testing.

Read this document to learn about:

  • Hydrogen safety precautions and requirements
  • Storage and distribution needs for your facility
  • How an inside-out approach defines your requirements and drives the project
  • Retrofitting your existing facility for hydrogen fuel testing
  • Why we are the turnkey resource you can count on

Hydrogen fuel testing poses very unique challenges compared to other traditional fuels. All hydrogen fuel test cells must use materials specifically rated for hydrogen to meet safety and compliance requirements. ACS’ multidisciplinary teams of engineers are dedicated to crafting the tailored solutions your organization needs. With expertise in designing spaces and delivery systems for both gaseous and liquid hydrogen bulk storage, safety, seamless integration among systems, and facility infrastructure are always our top priorities.