Noise and Vibration Solutions

May 15, 2024

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ACS noise and vibration solutions

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ACS’ Expertise in Noise and Vibration Solutions

ACS’ expert Noise and Vibration (NV) engineers create precise environments tailored to meet client standards for reliable NVH automotive testing and production. Whether it’s ISO, ASTM, or custom requirements, our experienced noise and vibration consultants take the time to understand your products, ensuring the acoustic and vibration design meets your needs. Read this document to learn about:

  • Engineering and design – ACS, equipped with board-certified engineers, detects and handles sensitive areas within facilities. We craft a testing approach to precisely capture noise and vibration data in the most critical spaces.
  • NVH automotive testing – We’re the go-to for NVH automotive testing facility design and construction, helping manufacturers get top-notch data for new products, certification, and production testing.
  • Systems integration – Our NV engineers collaborate seamlessly with other ACS experts from design to handover, integrating products and necessary equipment for precise testing in our facilities and test cells.
  • Commissioning and compliance – Commissioning and compliance in our NV projects are tightly connected, showcasing our dedication to standards and regulations. This approach ensures that we deliver solutions that excel in performance validation and regulatory compliance.
  • Vibration testing – Our advanced data collection lets us instrument test cells simultaneously, giving us comprehensive insights into system performance.
  • Noise and vibration consultants and analysis – ACS engineers have vast experience in testing and verifying acoustic and vibration performance. Our noise and vibration consultants cover everything from field measurements for facility design to third-party qualification for test and production spaces.
  • Data acquisition – ACS engineers tailor testing setups for dynamic sensor placement, ensuring meaningful insights during data collection and post-process analysis.
  • Acoustic design – Industrial noise control is vital for precise testing and production. ACS engineers specialize in identifying environmental factors affecting operational requirements.

Our NV specialists work closely with ACS architects and engineers to provide complete turnkey solutions, covering everything from design to construction, for facilities and individual test chambers. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we ensure that your NVH automotive testing needs are met efficiently and effectively.