ACS Services


Precision Control and Custom Software Solutions

A meticulously managed testing environment guarantees the high-quality data essential for our clients’ research and development, industrial manufacturing, and production needs. Facility controls, process automation, and software are essential functions vital to making sure that R&D remains consistent, safe, seamless, and efficient. Our team of mechanical and facility engineers possesses a wealth of cross-industry experience to design, build, and integrate everything necessary to support the facility, testing processes, and the unit under test. That personalized, core focus remains the guiding beacon of your controls and software solutions.

Whether a client’s needs range from supplying the testing environment with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for precise control over fluid, air, and power or automating processes with conveyors, material movers, and robotics, our proven, turnkey process positions your specific goals front and center. This commitment is maintained at every stage, from front end planning to handover. We design software and control interfaces to meet precise operator needs, optimize efficiency, and maintain industry standards that keep teams safe.

ACS’ range of expertise focuses on all facets of the facility ecosystem. This guarantees seamless integration from the start and primes your organization for innovation that achieves future growth goals. Our cutting-edge and highly flexible software solutions are unlike any other in the industry, guaranteeing custom controls and custom software solutions tailored to the changing needs of your business and marketplace.

ACS offers comprehensive customer acceptance programs, including Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), to ensure your system meets all requirements. Finally, we provide extensive training and turnover to your team, empowering them to operate the system confidently and effortlessly. No matter the project, ACS guarantees cutting-edge design, seamless integration, and cost-effective solutions tailored to your controls, automation, and software needs.