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Whether looking to enhance an existing R&D or manufacturing process or seeking to develop an entirely new product or facility, process automation is non-negotiable for most industries. Automation process control can help increase process capacity, minimize downtime, optimize resources, enhance safety, and accommodate future modifications and expansions.

ACS specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of mechanical equipment and integrated automated control systems on the cutting edge of design, seamless integration, and cost-effectiveness. We start every process automation and controls project by defining your unique process requirements and desired results. This includes an in-depth assessment of production, ergonomic, and health and safety needs. Backed by industry experience and expertise, ACS’ diverse team of engineers, technicians, and integrators will deliver a roadmap for intuitive, flexible, and reliable mechanical, controls, and instrumentation system solutions that maximize your investment from start to finish. Our team of engineering professionals combines a broad range of process experience and technical knowledge with a disciplined execution methodology to deliver robust automation controls solutions for both batch and continuous process applications.

Custom robot for efficient box stacking. Industrial automation and robotics

Our expertise includes solutions to produce discrete industrial components and systems and continuous process applications such as liquid handling and preparation, solid materials handling and preparation, mixing and blending, high-purity water systems, separation, cleaning, sanitation, and heat exchange systems. This means you can expect our team to cover the core competencies of your automation process control project, including:

  • Designing and building mechanical and electrical systems
  • Specifying instrumentation
  • Designing and building control panels
  • Programming PLC for operation and control
  • Developing software for data acquisition and control
  • Integrating with existing systems
  • Debugging, checkout and startup to ensure proper functioning and initiating production or testing

Robotics, Conveyors and Custom Equipment Solutions

Robotics, conveyors and their integrated equipment, materials, sensors, and systems have played a pivotal role in industrial automation for years, and the demand is only growing. Whether introducing robotics for material handling, assembly, testing, destruction, or quality control, custom robotics and customizable conveyor systems can streamline operations, boost resource optimization, and improve safety, especially in R&D environments.

When incorporating industrial automation and robotics, our inside-out approach ensures a seamlessly integrated system meant to last and adapt to growing business needs. Safety goes hand-in-hand with scalability. Integrating the right combination of physical and PLC safeties mitigates potential hazards to maintain a safe environment. Any automated system, especially robotics, should undergo a thorough risk assessment at the front end of the design process. This ensures the design incorporates safety measures as early as possible, preventing costly retrofits and minimizing disruption to operations.

Programming Platforms

  • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation
  • GE
  • Horner
  • HydraForce
  • Mitsubishi
  • Pilz
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens
  • WAGO

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Bringing Vision and Performance Together

ACS provides a full range of expertise within each of our primary areas of service. We combine our knowledge of building design and construction with expertise and understanding of equipment, testing, process systems, automation, and controls for clients who require high performance solutions.