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Effective, efficient, and repeatable test measurement, data acquisition, and production rely heavily on software. Achieving industrial software solutions that seamlessly align with unique objectives, operations, and equipment demands an adaptable mindset grounded in industry expertise. At ACS, we provide a spectrum of custom software services, ranging from customized programming to turnkey solutions tailored to our clients’ goals.

Just like any other service we offer; our software solutions commence with meticulous front end planning. This phase ensures that we understand project requirements thoroughly. We deliver a detailed software functional specification, delineating the necessary features including operator interactions, safety protocols, precise controls, and even providing visual representations or early code for interfaces. Our team of engineers and developers excels in translating operational goals into achievable and repeatable software solutions. For instance, if a client’s objective involves “turning a valve slowly,” we precisely define control parameters for the equipment, its systems, and the environment, programming it to consistently achieve the desired effect across all tests. Our software seamlessly integrates with our client’s internal systems and databases, facilitating real-time data analysis critical for informed decision-making and R&D.

Custom Software Services

When it comes to software, remaining flexible and adaptable is an essential asset for our team to continue to be capable of meeting any customer’s needs. Whether developing software from scratch or integrating it into existing hardware systems, we take the time to understand our clients’ modes of operation, identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency, repeatability, and safety in their testing processes. Our top-level workflow concept centers around understanding the user experience and asking critical questions about what engineers, facility managers, and overall decision-makers aim to achieve with the system. This approach ensures that the user interface is intuitive while the backend functionality produces desired outcomes, whether a signal of approval, a comprehensive report, or seamless data integration into a new or existing database.

Creation of Equipment

Often, clients struggle with the process of identifying the equipment required to address a challenge that requires a much bigger or custom-developed solution. ACS has the experience and insight to identify when a custom-made solution is necessary and then craft that equipment and software as a turnkey answer to their needs. This follows our same proven process, but we take care of all the details so your team can focus on its day-to-day activities while a personalized solution is implemented.

ACS Software Framework: Future Growth at Your Fingertips

ACS has crafted an open, adaptable framework accessible to our clients, serving as a foundation for their customized solutions. The ACS software framework transcends a singular solution; envision it as a vast warehouse. Within its confines lies a comprehensive software repository housing various versions and drivers utilized over time, continually evolving as our user base of industry experts contributes and expands upon it.

Utilizing this framework across all internal operations and client projects, ACS enhances efficiency and effectiveness, refining it with each implementation across diverse machines and solutions. This software framework, far from constrained to a solitary application, is a flexible structure, leveraging industry expertise and extensively employed for compliance standards, safety, and operational efficiency.

Our unique licensing model empowers clients to adapt this software to new equipment seamlessly as their production and testing objectives evolve.

Software development services

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Bringing Vision and Performance Together

ACS provides a full range of expertise within each of our primary areas of service. We combine our knowledge of building design and construction with expertise and understanding of equipment, testing, process systems, automation, and controls for clients who require high performance solutions.