Manufacturing and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

Our custom equipment process design engineers and in-house fabrication staff, including electricians, machinists and welders are experts at creating custom components that precisely meet recommended specifications and tolerances. Our manufacturing facility is staffed with engineering and production personnel who work side-by-side. The facility offers full machining capabilities, complete metal fabrication, space for equipment prototypes and facility mockups, software integration and a UL listed electrical and control panel build shop. Our in-house capabilities allow us to meet the schedule, budget and operational requirements of the most demanding applications.

ACS performs Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of all custom equipment, machines, and controls to verify functional performance of all systems prior to shipment. A FAT may include but is not limited to dimensional check-out, wiring verification, system leak checks and control logic check-out.

Mechanical Systems and Equipment

  • Machining
  • Metal fabrication, welding and painting
  • Quality control – CMM inspection
  • Final integrated assembly
  • Debug and FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

Controls and Control Panels

  • Procure field devices
  • Panel build
  • Control panel checkout/ FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
    • Point-to-point wiring verification
    • Power-up testing
    • Hardware checkout and configuration
    • I/O-channel testing

Training and Support

Having custom process equipment that meets all operational expectations inevitably requires solid support from the systems integration team that developed it. From its early days, ACS’ management team recognized that documentation, training and a well-crafted support plan were fundamental for the desired performance of custom equipment and integrated production systems. Our flexible delivery process recognizes this reality and makes it an integral component of every project. Superior delivery, start-up and ongoing training and support bring each project to a satisfactory conclusion.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is conducted at our Verona, Wisconsin facility. This phase demonstrates equipment or machine performance and can include sample run off and training of staff.