Proof of Concept Design

Designing and constructing custom equipment process and integrated production systems is a discipline that starts with a well-crafted discovery process. Defining the desired performance and functionality and then converting it from an initial concept to an approved set of designs that meets functional, operational, safety and regulatory requirements is a unique capability that ACS offers.

Due to the unique nature of custom designed, one-of-a-kind, machines and equipment there can be certain aspects more challenging than others. ACS is very familiar with designing prototypes for more technically complex and specialized portions of the designs to prove out alignment between the theoretical design and project’s technical requirements. The process is typically very iterative as the gap between the design world and reality is shortened through the (POC) Proof of Concept design. This ultimately leads to real-world verification that the design is validated, risk has been mitigated, and the project can move forward with the remainder of the design.

ACS’ (POC) Proof of Concept Design Involves:

  • Identification of highest risk design aspects
  • 3D modeling and virtual simulation of these systems
  • Physical build of needed components
  • Real world testing and simulation
  • Iterative updates to design and physical components
  • Final testing and verification of performance

POC work is always time well spent since technical hurdles are either confirmed (or denied) to be overcome within commercial constraints and the hardware from the prototype can be incorporated into the finished machine.