ACS Services

Design Engineering and Manufacturing

Closely Aligned Goals from the Very Beginning

Collaboration and communication are at the heart of any successful custom solution. Our approach to design engineering and manufacturing guarantees we define custom project specifications thoroughly, ensuring that every aspect of the proposal aligns with your operational goals and challenges. ACS establishes a clear roadmap through meticulous project definition and spec development and anticipates potential obstacles, strategic alternatives, future business growth, innovative approaches, industry standards, and new opportunities.

Concept Design and Development

Designing and constructing custom equipment processes and integrated production systems is a discipline that starts with a well-crafted discovery method. This first stage lays the foundation for our clients’ unique requirements and challenges and translates those needs into innovative solutions. Led by our industry-seasoned professionals, our approach in this early stage is based on inquiry and discovery for both parties. This means we prioritize a deep understanding of the project’s specific needs, from operational demands and environmental conditions to end-user expectations and performance standards. From there, our team leverages expansive industry expertise to explore a variety of approaches and alternatives that result in a custom solution made to last.

ACS engineering design services

Engineering Design Services

Whether designing new equipment and processes or upgrading existing production facilities, controls, and machines, we guarantee a tailored solution that meets our clients’ needs. Backed by our industry expertise, we carefully detail safety, portability, capacity, operation requirements, and space constraints. Our custom solutions range from simple to complex automation, instrumentation, and integration, all designed with the facility’s specific requirements in mind.

It’s vital that the equipment we deliver, no matter its size or function, is built to last as our clients grow and evolve. All components are built to factory standards, fully documented, and fabricated as if we were producing hundreds for the marketplace. ACS integrated production systems and custom process equipment are designed and built for easy maintenance and efficiency of repair, reducing downtime and costs for your R&D or production facility. ACS also provides mechanical services with process automation and controls to deliver a wide range of integrated solutions.

Equipment and system services include:

  • Equipment engineering and design (Fluid/air/mechanical)
  • 3D model development
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) review
  • Control systems design and programming
  • Instrumentation selection
  • Facility integration planning
  • Detailed engineering and fabrication drawings

Engineering design services for controls include:

  • System architecture
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • System control sequence
  • Instrumentation list—I/O index
  • Wiring schematic
  • General arrangements/panel layout
  • Software application
  • Application programming logic
  • HMI/GUI application development and screens
  • VFD configuration
  • Servo drive configuration

Proof of Concept (POC) Design

Due to the unique nature of custom-designed, one-of-a-kind machines and equipment, POC is critical to ensure ideas become a reality. This is especially important when designing prototypes for more technically complex and specialized portions of the designs. Prototypes, 3D modeling, and real-world testing and simulation all help to prove alignment between the theoretical design and the project’s technical requirements. The iterative process bridges the gap between the design world and reality, saving resources from the start. This ultimately leads to real-world verification, mitigated risks, and confidence the project can move forward with the remainder of the design. This step moves design plans with clearly defined performance and functionality requirements and then converts them from an initial concept to an approved set of designs that meets functional, operational, safety, and regulatory requirements.

POC work is always time well spent. Confirming or denying any potential technical hurdles guarantees the custom build will succeed within commercial constraints, and the hardware from the prototype can be incorporated into the finished machine. POC design can range from:

  • Identification of highest-risk design aspects
  • 3D modeling and virtual simulation of these systems
  • Physical build of needed components
  • Real-world testing and simulation
  • Iterative updates to design and physical components
  • Final testing and verification of performance

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Bringing Vision and Performance Together

ACS provides a full range of expertise within each of our primary areas of service. We combine our knowledge of building design and construction with expertise and understanding of equipment, testing, process systems, automation, and controls for clients who require high performance solutions.