Construction Engineering and Management

Building with a Focus on End Use

Construction is when plans go into action. Mistakes can cost valuable time and money. ACS proactively oversees the construction engineering and management of your project with a diligent eye on design detail that ensures strict quality control, improved safety, fewer changes and reduced overall costs.

Project Types

  • R&D
  • Tech Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial
  • Process
  • Labs
  • Renovations & New Construction

Contracting Methodologies

At ACS, our Flexible Delivery Model greatly streamlines and simplifies the process of delivering a facility that meets your requirements. ACS can engage as Design/Build, EPC (Engineer Procure Construct), or other methods, depending on the project and client preferences. Our construction and engineering management services are comprehensive.

contracting methods, Construction Engineering and Management

ACS Project Execution:

  • Early release construction (demolition/civil)
  • Facility and infrastructure construction
  • Equipment installation
  • Subcontractor management
  • Project controls
  • Cost reporting
  • Schedule
  • Safety

ACS tailors our services to help improve project quality, minimize costs and accelerate completion.

Project Manager, Project Engineer, Site Supervisor

Knowledge and hands-on skills to effectively manage your unique facility construction project

Working together, our experienced project engineers, building construction managers and site superintendents form construction engineering and management teams that have the knowledge and hands-on skills it takes to effectively manage your unique facility construction project. We manage ongoing quality of subcontractor performance to assure implementation of the design intent and provide leadership in resolution of all general construction and MEP construction issues. Our site superintendent provides daily on-site oversight of all construction personnel and conducts weekly meetings to keep you informed of progress.

Supplier Selection and Management

Rigorous process for selecting suppliers and managing bids

We have developed a rigorous process to identify and qualify the local supply chain that includes:

  • Utilizing the client preferred and approved supplier list
  • Contacting local Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) offices for additional resources
  • Interviews and discussions with the local contracting community
  • Previous experience with area suppliers

Selection of each supplier is based on a matrix review of each proposal that includes:

  • Scope review and qualification
  • Confirmation of resources to meet project schedule requirements
  • Communication clarity
  • Price competitiveness
  • Client validation

ACS’ Bidding Process Control includes:

  • Collaboration with clients to preselect vendors and subcontractors
  • Management of all bid documentation, including printing of specifications and drawings, including addendum information
  • Answering vendor and subcontractor questions
  • Competitive bid comparison, including costs versus cost estimates
  • Reviewing a detailed bid analysis matrix comparing all bids with the client
  • Selecting contractors and issuing contracts

Project Controls

Team approach includes accurate schedule and cost information throughout project

Quality-oriented project control starts with the very first team meeting and continues until final project closeout. The cost control systems we use are a key component in the team approach and philosophy of trust we work to foster on our projects. Accurate schedule and cost information, shared by all team members, is crucial.

Cost Reporting

Detail is managed. Reporting is flexible to meet needs of client

ACS will initiate project cost control procedures, including development of detailed cost reports and forecasting consistent with the owner reporting requirements for the project. We will monitor the project budget status, forecast anticipated costs and prepare regular status and variance reports. We will also establish and implement procedures for evaluation, approval and processing subcontractor change requests. Budget Reports of various formats can be produced which compare the projected budget with the projected cost for each budget code line item. Our project cost report system is flexible and can be tailored to satisfy client-specific requirements.

Contract Management

Commitments can be reviewed and checked by all project members

We maintain detailed, up-to-date cost information for all contractor, vendor and general condition commitments. All commitments are entered into the system weekly by cost code allowing all contractual information to be viewed and reported. All project members can review and check the status of any vendor and/or pending commitments.

Schedule Controls

ACS is responsible for master schedule, which takes account of client’s internal project deadlines

The ACS construction engineering and management team is responsible for developing and maintaining the schedule. ACS will engage key personnel for input and discussion of overall scheduling coordination. The ACS schedule control and tracking process can be summarized as follows:

  • Establish the overall project plan and parameters by developing a master schedule, taking into account the client’s internal project deadlines from start to completion.
  • Plan and schedule the construction in detail during preconstruction by developing a detailed project schedule that conforms to the master schedule.
  • Update the schedule database through direct field observation during construction.
  • Communicate accurately with all members of the team on schedule performance.

ACS is known for delivery of projects within the identified budget and schedule. We execute the construction project with oversight for meeting the acceptance criteria developed during preconstruction and design.

Safety Philosophy & Approach

Safety program is developed for each project

ACS develops a safety program for each project, incorporating the safety requirements of the client, addressing the issues specific to that site, and including the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and any other federal, state, local and owner safety codes that apply. The prevention of injuries is the first and primary consideration of the ACS Safety Program.

ACS firmly believes that accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility. ACS construction engineering and management assures that on-site supervisors are given direction to carry out proper safe practices and procedures.

The influence of ACS Site Superintendents is utilized to the fullest extent to promote safety. Our Site Superintendents have all participated in 10-hour OSHA safety training. Minimum responsibilities of superintendents are:

  1. Understanding the training requirements of OSHA and all other pertinent safety regulations and/or guidelines.
  2. Enforcing all ACS and OSHA safety rules and regulations and insisting on compliance with safety requirements from all ACS employees and subcontractors employed by ACS.
  3. Conduct and document safety inspections and expedite corrections of unsafe acts or conditions daily and as often as needed.
  4. Require that all Contractor and Subcontractor personnel receive safety training once a week and, before work, a jobsite orientation.
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