Front End Planning

A Roadmap to a Better Building

A strong suit at ACS, construction site planning services are important to a successful building project because planning creates the vital link between business need, project strategy, scope, budget and schedule early in the process. Risks are evaluated, stakeholders are aligned and company resources are allocated effectively. Investments can be made incrementally and on a smaller scale, minimizing risk and fostering realignment of the scope, schedule and/or budget with the business case demands. This results in the highest potential for the best possible outcome, well before significant money is spent.

ACS Planning Services

  • Conceptual engineering
  • Detailed scope development
  • Design development
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Pre-project planning
  • Master planning
  • Site evaluation

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Front End Planning

Front End Planning (FEP) is the discovery process that ACS uses to take the project from initiation to base line development, setting the stage for successful execution. Proper planning from the start helps ensure the best value for your capital investment.

From pre-project planning, feasibility analysis, master planning and site evaluation to design, conceptual engineering and detailed scope development, ACS works to ensure that your facility meets objectives and is delivered on time and in budget.

ACS Will

  • Address decision makers’ needs
  • Align costs and schedule to concept scope
  • Confirm commitments from all parties
  • Define facility requirements
  • Translate infrastructure, facility, and site requirements to executable concepts

​This leads to fewer changes and greater time and cost savings. ACS has the expert knowledge in systems and building integration experience to have a leveraged effect on implementation and operational costs.

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