Preconstruction Management Aligns Scope, Schedule and Budget

Constructability Analysis Fosters Cost Saving Decisions

ACS has a highly qualified staff of engineering and construction specialists with the specific expertise required to provide constructability analysis and Construction Cost Analysis Services. Application of these skills provides clients with the following significant benefits:

  • Higher certainty of outcome with respect to project schedule and project cost due to our project controls methods
  • Interactive involvement during design allowing detailed review of all drawings and specifications for constructability and maintenance/operations issues
  • Early identification and procurement of long lead equipment

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The ability to influence project costs is greatest during planning. Key decisions made early, through an integrated approach, greatly influence the success of the project. Design and construction can be sequenced and long lead time equipment can be procured early to accelerate project completion.

ACS value and expertise during the pre-construction phase

Partnership with Design Team

Understanding design intent and specific facility needs

Our design background allows us, as a construction services provider, to understand client needs and the design intent to meet these needs. We assemble a team that will identify with our client’s working philosophy and specific facility needs. Alternatively, ACS can lead or partner with our client’s preferred design or architectural services supplier.


Understanding design intent and specific facility needs

Our combination of experienced construction personnel, strong design background, and the latest estimating technology provide our clients with accurate and detailed cost estimates early in the project. These estimates are provided during the schematic design phase, at the 30% completion, and at 75% completion, allowing for joint review and cost reconciliation discussions.

Constructability Analysis

Identify potential hurdles before project is built to ensure streamlined project and processes

Technical knowledge in research & development, manufacturing, and industrial facility construction and integration is what sets the ACS team apart. Not only do we have extensive expertise in the design of these complex environments, we have experience in executing construction that maintains the design intent. This combination means our design review and constructability analysis will identify issues well before the project is actually built, minimizing delays, cost overruns and errors. The result is a more streamlined construction management process. Our customers tell us that it’s our review and analysis of design for constructability that sets us apart as a construction services company.

Schedule Development

Project controls and tools to manage important resources - people and time

ACS is committed to proactively allocating and managing the two most important resources required when designing and constructing projects; people and time. Our Project Controls methodology and technical tools provide comprehensive cost controls and resource allocation management, assuring Certainty of Outcome for the Owner: the certainty that the project will start and finish in an organized and deliberate manner in accordance with an established budget.

Direct Procurement

Significant cost savings through direct purchase

ACS provides value through direct procurement and materials management services. Significant cost savings are realized by direct purchase of a wide range of general construction materials, MEP equipment (for installation by trade subcontractors) and process equipment on behalf of owners, to allow for tax and subcontractor mark-up savings.

Equipment Specification & Procurement

Identify and purchase long-lead and critical equipment to manage project completion date

ACS works with project stakeholders to identify and develop specifications for equipment required to support the critical processes within the building. We identify long-lead equipment and facility support systems required to meet the design criteria and then use our extensive network and resources, combined with your preferred contractors and suppliers, to procure in a timeframe that will meet or improve the estimated project completion date.

Subcontractor Prequalification

Management of local supply chain and contracting community

We have developed a rigorous process to identify and qualify the local supply chain that includes:

  • Utilizing the client’s preferred and approved supplier list
  • Previous experience with area suppliers
  • Contacting local Associated General Contractors (AGC) and Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) offices for additional resources
  • Interviews and discussions with the local contracting community

Virtual Design & Construction

In-depth understanding of systems that affect data collection or other critical processes

For a complex facility with highly interdependent equipment and systems, ACS’ 3D laser scanning and virtual design & construction (VDC) services ensure efficiencies in design, schedule, pricing, functionality and overall building lifecycle costs. The process begins with the identification of critical systems that affect data collection or other critical processes and an in-depth understanding of the facility infrastructure required to support them.

Virtual Design & 3D Modeling

When conceptualizing a new facility or an addition to one that already exists, visualizing the proposed space can be critical in achieving stakeholder buy-in. ACS uses VDC to create a virtual “walk through” tour of your facility prior to construction, to represent complex systems involved in an integrated facility and allow team members to easily collaborate in the design process.

During the design phases of a project, VDC ensures adherence to increased requirements for health, safety and ergonomics. This helps our clients:

  • Make critical design and construction decisions earlier in the process
  • Avoid costly delays associated with changes
  • Explore “what if” scenarios, so you can make more informed decisions
  • Increase off-site prefabrication of equipment and components, to reduce costs and simplify testing and compliance
  • Examine alternative designs, materials and methods
  • Check component accessibility, for maintenance and servicing
  • Verify operational clearances of articulating parts, using model animation
  • Analyze and ensure proper fit and integration of mechanical equipment, by merging equipment and facility models

ACS clients have found that time invested using both 3D laser scanning and VDC technologies results in improved decision-making, collaboration and integrated facility project delivery.

Download 3D Scanning & Modeling PDF

3D Laser Scanning to Document Existing Conditions

Details are captured digitally for precise documentation of existing conditions

One of the biggest challenges in planning for an upgrade or renovation of an existing facility is the unknown. Drawings of existing site conditions and facility architecture and engineering are often outdated or unavailable. Fitting cutting edge testing technology and supporting process equipment into a 40-year-old industrial building filled with layers of pipe and conduit is a task beyond the capabilities of a tape measure.

ACS uses 3D laser scanning to accurately capture existing conditions and ensure the many complex components of an integrated facility design will all fit during construction. The project can be vetted digitally, eliminating the need for repetitive site visits to measure and re-measure something not originally thought to be relevant. This results efficiencies that positively impact the budget and schedule.

Download 3D Scanning & Modeling PDF

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