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Fluid and Fuel Measurement System

Custom Equipment and Systems for Fluid Measurement, Conditioning, and Blending

Fluid systems are designed to regulate the flow, pressure, and temperature of liquids or gases within a facility. Without this, it’s impossible to ensure the efficient and safe operation of processes involving fluids.

A fluid and fuel measurement system can measure, condition, blend, and supply fluids. Tailored to application requirements, fluid systems can be designed for end-of-line production or R&D testing. The equipment can be stand-alone or integrated into new or existing facility systems. ACS’ team of engineers, technicians, and integrators have experience designing and integrating many different industrial and manufacturing fluid and fuel measurement systems. With wide-ranging experience across automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and other specialized and complex industries, we manage the intricacy of your liquid measurement systems by keeping core acceptance criteria and overall objectives top of mind, no matter the type of project.

Fuel measurement systems, gaseous fuel systems

Gaseous Fuels

A gaseous fuel measurement system is used for measurement, blending, and safety. These gas systems are designed to handle a variety of individual gases, including natural gas and propane, in various concentrations. Gas safety systems ensure facilities meet relevant codes and provide the appropriate level of safety.

Liquid Fuels

Liquid fuel systems, used for measurement and conditioning, can control temperature and pressure and measure volumetric or mass flow rate. These fuel systems ensure consistent, predictable, and acceptable fuel supply to the unit under test.

Oil Conditioning

Oil systems are used for conditioning, filtration, and measurement. They control temperature and pressure, measure flow rate, and provide needed filtration to ensure consistent, predictable, clean, and acceptable oil supply to the unit under test.

Water Conditioning and Intercooler

Water systems are used for temperature control, flow control, and measurement. Such systems are for engine coolant, intercooler water, process cooling water, or any water needed for cooling or simulation. These water systems ensure consistent and acceptable amounts of cooling medium to the unit under test.

Combustion and Exhaust Air

Combustion air systems provide filtered and conditioned air. Temperature, humidity, pressure, and flow can be measured or controlled. These exhaust systems safely and efficiently remove exhaust gas from the test cell. They also protect the health and safety of workers in the area and provide a means to test for emissions, product development, and end-of-line product quality control.

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