ACS is a Custom Machine Builder

Machines and Systems for Test and Production Automation

ACS designs, engineers, builds and integrates custom machines for testing, assembly, material handling inspection, packaging and overall process automation. We combine our expertise and understanding of machine design, controls and data acquisition with knowledge of process systems, automation, and facility design and integration for clients who require custom and innovative, high-performance solutions.

We have successfully delivered single stand-alone machines for in-line or End-of-Line (EOL) Test or assembly, and we have experience with integrating new machines or conveyance systems into a fully automated assembly line. Our automation solutions have improved operator safety, reduced maintenance intervals, and provided means of gathering accurate and precise data to help our clients’ product design and manufacturing processes.

We serve our clients throughout many industries by delivering custom integrated machine and controls solutions that address current gaps in their production or R&D processes. Our staff of engineers, 3D designers, programmers and manufacturing personnel work as an extension of your production and engineering department to deliver a solution that exactly meets your specifications.

See a couple examples of our automation solutions in action!


Application Examples Include:

  • EOL production test stands
  • Stand-alone product development test machines
  • In-process test or inspection machines
  • Specialized mechanical and fluid systems for test
  • Stand-alone single station assembly machines
  • Multi-station assembly and test machines
  • Custom conveyors and material handling
  • Warranty/quality control stand-alone test rigs
  • Specialized control and data acquisition systems
  • Containerized assembly and test enclosures
  • Machine control systems upgrades