Engineered Mechanical Systems

Connecting, Transporting, Guarding, Automating

ACS provides engineering design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment and systems for an individual piece of equipment for research and development or a complete assembly/production line. As a turnkey provider with in-house engineering design and fabrication capability, our designers and manufacturing personnel work together to make sure all design concepts will meet specified requirements for fabrication and manufacturability.

Design experience, creativity and versatility are hallmarks of our mechanical engineering teams. We work to understand the core requirements of your application and bring ideas and options for your consideration. We meet all operational requirements and integrate with existing facility systems, reducing set-up time and minimizing changes to existing infrastructure. ACS uses customer-preferred components and devices when possible, adapts to customer processes, methods, documentation and reporting requirements and tailors its approach to suit client purchasing preferences.

ACS has designed and built automated production systems for product development and test, production and assembly, quality, endurance, durability, safety and industrial automation.

Frameworks, chassis, conveying, positioning, connecting, ducting, structural support, carts, pallets and piping are all conceived as integral elements of the larger test or production ensemble. The mechanical team works closely with controls engineers to ensure the final system will operate optimally in the R&D or production environment.

See one of our mechanical systems in action!

Applications include:

  • Bearings, valves, actuators, motor test systems
  • Engine and vehicle R&D and production testing
  • Dynamometer driveline, riser, guarding
  • Carts, pallets, receivers, test bed fixtures, docking systems
  • Connections, harnessing, boom arms
  • Test bed assemblies
  • Weigh system calibration and conditioning
  • Endurance, durability and quality
  • Assembly quality verification
  • Pressure monitor testing
  • Assembly & manufacturing tooling