ACS Services


Backed by Industry Experience and Expertise

Noise and vibration are intricate fields that demand knowledge and precision. Achieving that on top of industry standards, new technologies, and future-proofed innovation is no easy task. Our engineers and technicians are skilled in delivering design, engineering, construction, and consultancy services for acoustically sensitive spaces within a facility. Regarding noise, our team considers everything from acoustic flanking paths to ambient sound levels, facility contributions, and sound level expectations. On the vibration control front, ACS brings specialized expertise in vibration testing and analysis for vibration diagnostics. This includes evaluating the dynamic behavior of structures, enhancing designs, and validating systems performance. Similar to noise vibration control services, our engineers pay precise attention to various factors, including vibration flanking paths, vibration levels, facility contributions, and the expected vibration level outcomes. Most importantly, our process ensures those core testing goals are maintained at every stage, from front end planning to handover.