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Expert Acoustic and Vibration Consulting Services

Armed with a wide range of experience and expertise in noise and vibration solutions for R&D, industrial, and production applications, our engineers and technicians act as vital consultants for acoustic design services and vibration design services. ACS is an authority in delivering comprehensive solutions in widespread industries where noise and vibration mitigation is a core requirement, including automotive, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing. This varied industry expertise means your measurement, design, and/or build needs benefit from the standards and innovations on the cutting-edge of diverse, advanced markets.

We provide a range of noise and vibration consulting services including acceptance criteria preparation and review, independent field testing and measurement, independent witness testing, and owner’s representation. Our acoustic and vibration engineering consultants also provide design services and construction oversight for acoustically sensitive spaces within a facility. This includes the identification of acoustic and vibration flanking paths, ambient sound and vibration level measurement, source-path-receiver facility contributions, and sound and/or vibration level expectations.

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Measurement and Analysis

ACS’ noise and vibration consulting offers clients a competitive edge in their markets by giving them access to a dedicated team of engineers and technicians. Our experts are armed with experience in conducting laboratory and field measurements for noise and vibration assessment and analysis and field-testing services, including troubleshooting and acceptance criteria execution.

We use data acquisition systems manufactured by Bruel & Kjaer (B&K) as their instruments enable scalability and flexibility to collect sound and vibration data, no matter the project size. For example, we use B&K’s 2270 two-channel digital sound level meter in smaller projects, while for larger projects, we use the B&K LAN-XI system. These modular systems allow us to scale the channel count as required. With 64 channels available on our LAN-XI system, it’s possible to collect up to twenty (20) tri-axial accelerometer measurements simultaneously. A digital time recorder allows us to track the measurement signal for multiple post-processing opportunities within the Bruel & Kjaer Pulse Reflex software. ACS measurement and analysis services cover a wide range of capabilities to suit our clients’ markets and specific testing goals.

We cater to diverse needs, including:

Acoustic Design Services

  • Onsite acoustic surveys
  • Evaluation of control room, office, and conference room noise levels
  • Acoustic door performance evaluation
  • Acoustic room qualification, including adherence to standards such as ISO 3744, ISO 3745/ISO 26101
  • Outdoor noise measurement and property line noise measurements

Vibration Services

  • Modal analysis
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis
  • Structural vibration analysis
  • Bearing vibration measurement and documentation
  • Construction site vibration monitoring

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Bringing Vision and Performance Together

ACS provides a full range of expertise within each of our primary areas of service. We combine our knowledge of building design and construction with expertise and understanding of equipment, testing, process systems, automation, and controls for clients who require high performance solutions.