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Precision Control for Noise and Vibration Testing

Industrial noise and vibration control plays a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and repeatability of testing processes. A controlled testing environment results in quality data that our clients leverage for improved manufacturing and decision-making. ACS provides a full array of noise and vibration design and engineering services and solutions, whether applied to R&D, industrial, or production applications. Our process starts from the most important point: your quality data goals. With core testing goals in mind, we provide acceptance criteria preparation and review, further backed by independent witness testing and owner’s representation. This comprehensive approach results in a noise and vibration testing solution ready to meet the organization’s testing goals today and in the future.

Project Services and Expertise

Design and engineering demand a comprehensive approach characterized by precision, technology innovation, and alignment with project objectives. Our design and engineering services include every step and detail to build effectively from the inside out, including:

  • Design calculations
  • Acoustic room sizing
  • Sound transmission evaluation
  • HVAC noise evaluation
  • Product specification development
  • Supplier/vendor recommendation and/or selection

Product Specification for Noise and Vibration

In testing, consistent accuracy in noise and vibration relies on industrial acoustic products. ACS collaborates with your team to determine specifications for products and specialized sound rooms, ensuring alignment with project objectives and industry standards. Our approach guarantees precise selection to support business growth.

ACS manages procurement and delivery details, ensuring the right noise and vibration control product meets cost, space, and timeline needs. Our expertise includes:

  • Acoustic windows
  • Industrial acoustic doors
  • Anechoic chambers and semi-anechoic chambers
  • Reverberation rooms
  • HVAC silencer specification
  • Engine sound attenuating devices
  • Transmission loss openings
  • Custom industrial acoustic solutions

Noise and Vibration Engineering Review: Strategic Evaluation for Efficiency

Identifying manufacturing, testing, quality, and safety inefficiencies or opportunities requires a strategic and thorough approach. In intricate areas such as noise and vibration, compliance, redundancy, and labor challenges demand intricate solutions. Whether tackling a grant project or throughput improvement, ACS equips you with detailed data for strategic improvements in design or processes. Key components of our noise and vibration engineering review include:

  • Project design criteria review
  • Engineering drawing review
  • Mechanical/HVAC equipment selection review
  • Product submittal review

Vendor Management: Seamless Collaboration, Quality Assurance

Vendor management, a full-time job with capital projects, is seamlessly handled by ACS, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks. Our end-to-end noise and vibration analysis approach covers both expected and unexpected activities, ensuring seamless collaboration and quality assurance throughout the entire process. Key activities under vendor management include:

  • Vendor contact and bidding
  • Quote analysis and revision
  • Material/product procurement
  • Test equipment receipt
  • Vendor construction and installation management
  • Checkout and troubleshooting
  • Vendor data reporting for acceptance

Owner’s Representation: Safeguarding Vision Throughout

As owner’s representatives, ACS plays a pivotal role in ensuring the alignment of project execution with the owner’s vision. Serving as a bridge between project conceptualization and realization, we safeguard the owner’s interests, needs, and preferences. Key responsibilities as owner’s representatives include:

  • Product submittal review
  • Design review
  • Supplier/vendor management

Commissioning: Meticulous Verification for Optimal Performance

Commissioning with ACS means ensuring the performance, safety, and quality of noise and vibration systems are proven, repeatable, and aligned with design specifications before project completion. This meticulous approach to verification guarantees functionality while imparting vital knowledge to site operators. Commissioning activities include:

  • Acceptance criteria preparation and review
  • Independent witness testing
  • Commissioning test execution and coordination

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Bringing Vision and Performance Together

ACS provides a full range of expertise within each of our primary areas of service. We combine our knowledge of building design and construction with expertise and understanding of equipment, testing, process systems, automation, and controls for clients who require high performance solutions.