Noise and Vibration Measurement and Analysis

Our engineers and technicians have a wide range of experience and expertise conducting laboratory and field measurements for noise and vibration assessment and analysis. We provide field testing services ranging from troubleshooting to acceptance criteria execution.

ACS Field Measurement Services Include but are not Limited to:


  • Onsite surveys
    • Control room, office, and conference room noise level evaluation
    • Acoustic door performance evaluation
  • Acoustic room qualification
    • ISO 3744
    • ISO 3745/ISO 26101
  • Outdoor noise measurement
    • Property line noise measurements


  • Modal analysis
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) analysis
  • Structural vibration
  • Bearing vibration measurement and documentation
  • Construction site vibration monitoring

Our team scales our equipment to meet the field measurement requirements. The data acquisition systems we use are manufactured by Bruel & Kjaer. For smaller projects, we use their 2270 two channel digital sound level meter.  This instrument allows us the flexibility to collect sound pressure level data in addition to single axis vibration data. For larger scale projects, we use the B & K LAN-XI system which is modular in nature and allows us to scale the channel count as required. Currently, we have 64 channels available on our LAN-XI system allowing for up to twenty (20) tri-axial accelerometer measurements at one time.

When collecting field measurements, we use a digital time recorder to record the measurement signal allowing for multiple post-processing opportunities within the Bruel & Kjaer Pulse Reflex software.