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Ntandem Systems Integration

Delivering Reliable Systems Integrated Solutions Through Collaborative Expertise

An integrated test facility is a must-have for industrial production and research and development. This specialized environment is designed to simulate specific conditions under controlled settings to allow for rigorous testing and validation of products and processes. Whether developing products for industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to electronics and consumer products, it’s essential for any product to meet strict safety and performance standards before it reaches the market. To accomplish this, organizations require a seamlessly integrated testing facility, which is a task easier said than done.

Since 1994, ACS has accumulated decades of multi-industry experience as a systems integration services provider for complex processes in product R&D, testing, and production facilities. During that time as a systems integrator, we developed and perfected a program for handling capital projects that needed integrated test and process solutions, known as Ntandem by ACS.

ACS' ntandem systems integration services brochure

Being a test-centric program, Ntandem’s tangible deliverables can range from test rigs, test beds, test benches, test stands or test cells, all the way up to a complete integrated test facility.

What is Ntandem?

ACS’ Ntandem systems integration services is a collaborative program developed and perfected to handle capital projects needing integrated test and process solutions. Built on subject matter expertise, skilled, disciplined project management, a proven process, and application knowledge, it delivers a validated technical asset that works as intended, on schedule, and on time.

It’s a designation that fittingly signifies the act of working together in partnership as one, and it demonstrates our commitment to you. ACS’ Ntandem program is structured so that after understanding your business drivers and working with you to define your business goals upfront, we deliver a business value at the project end—a validated technical asset that works as intended, on schedule, and on budget.

Working together as your systems integrator partner, ACS’ Ntandem will provide an “on-loan” team of experienced professionals who will use time-tested methods and forward-looking vision to support your testing programs and environments. We know your overarching goal is collecting good data for decision-making; so, every piece of the system will be designed, engineered, and procured to meet the needs of your test and ensure operational readiness.

Making Innovative Testing Solutions and R&D a Reality

    An efficiently and safely integrated test facility, along with advanced equipment, provides a robust infrastructure that supports product development and refinement while ensuring reliable and efficient large-scale manufacturing. These testing capabilities result in the data necessary for a competitive advantage in the market, where speed, accuracy, and adaptability can significantly influence market success.

    As a test-centric program, Ntandem’s tangible deliverables can range from test rigs, test beds, test benches, test stands, or test cells to a complete integrated test facility. With a collective set of tasks, a curriculum, and defined steps, Ntandem efficiently and effectively addresses all levels of systems integration:

    ACS' Ntandem systems integration process
    • Machine integration includes interconnecting mechanical, electrical, and data acquisition within a single piece of equipment designed and built as a complete system.
    • Equipment and controls integration allows for communication across multiple discrete pieces of critical test and process equipment and the facility’s mechanical, electrical, and control equipment, upon which they are dependent so that all equipment talks and functions together as an integrated whole.
    • Facility integration involves designing and constructing the building and its mechanical and electrical infrastructure to support the critical processes our clients need.

    Ntandem Allows Clients to Focus on Their Business

      For an individual, taking on the responsibility for a systems integration capital project and trying to succeed without qualified industrial systems integrators can be overwhelming. That’s what makes the teamwork inherent in Ntandem so critical and valuable. In many instances, you could be dealing with the unfamiliar or unknown, where no standard design exists, and your test or process requires a unique approach. With the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills ACS brings to your project as a systems integrator company, our experts flatten the learning curve.

      Our expertise in testing and process equipment, industrial and automation controls, and industry regulations, as well as our deep knowledge of building design and construction provide a total resource for your capital equipment and facility solution.

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      Bringing Vision and Performance Together

      ACS provides a full range of expertise within each of our primary areas of service. We combine our knowledge of building design and construction with expertise and understanding of equipment, testing, process systems, automation, and controls for clients who require high performance solutions.