Ntandem Systems Integration Services

ACS has 25+ years of multi-industry experience as a system integration services provider for complex processes in product R&D, testing, and production facilities. Over that time, we have developed and perfected a program for handling capital projects needing integrated test and process solutions that is built on subject matter expertise, skilled, disciplined project management, a proven process, and application knowledge.

And now clients can ask for this systems integration program by name: Ntandem by ACS

Ntandem Systems Integration Services

It’s a designation that fittingly signifies the act of working together, in partnership as one, and it demonstrates our commitment to you. The Ntandem program is structured so that, after gaining a complete understanding of your business drivers and then working with you to define your business goals upfront, we deliver a business value at project end—a validated technical asset that works as intended, on schedule and on budget.

Being a test-centric program, Ntandem’s tangible deliverables can range from test rigs, test beds, test benches, test stands or test cells, all the way up to a complete integrated test facility.

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With a collective set of tasks, a curriculum, and defined steps, Ntandem efficiently and effectively addresses all levels of systems integration:

  • Machine Integration—the interconnecting of mechanical, electrical, and data acquisition within a single piece of equipment designed and built as a complete system
  • Equipment & Controls Integration—the communicating across multiple discrete pieces of critical test and process equipment and the facility’s mechanical, electrical, and control equipment, upon which they are dependent, so that all equipment talks and functions together as an integrated whole
  • Facility Integration—designing and constructing the building and its mechanical and electrical infrastructure to support the critical processes you intend

For an individual, taking on the responsibility for a systems integration capital project and trying to succeed without a qualified partner can be an overwhelming task. That’s what makes the teamwork inherent in Ntandem so critical and valuable. In many instances, you could be dealing with the unfamiliar or unknown where no standard design exists and your test or process requires a unique approach. With the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills ACS brings to your project as a systems integrator company our experts flatten the learning curve.

Our expertise in testing and process equipment, industrial and automation controls, and industry regulations, as well as deep knowledge of building design and construction, provides a total resource for your capital equipment and facility solution.

If, You’re Asking Yourself these Questions:

What if I could…

  • Make better decisions based on data?
  • Have a robust tool to improve my test process(es)?
  • Make efficient, effective, and innovative product development decisions based on data?
  • Use a process to make it easier to implement, operate, and maintain my testing programs and environments?
  • Leverage the experience and expertise of the test equipment supply chain and industry experts to help plan, build, start up, and validate my vision for a new test environment?

Then, your answer is…Ntandem.


Working together as your partner, Ntandem by ACS will provide an “on-loan” team of experienced professionals who will use time-tested methods and forward-looking vision to support your testing programs and environments. We know your overarching goal is collecting good data for decision-making; so, every piece of the system will be designed, engineered, and procured to meet the needs of your test and ensure operational readiness.

Along the path to operational readiness, here are the steps we will take:

front end planning and acceptance criteria for systems integration services, integrated equipment, integrated test facility

The planning phase where we use our inside out approach in determining what you want your facility to do, while at the same time developing acceptance criteria to define what “done” will look like.


engineering & design, procurement, systems integration services, and construction services for integrated equipment, integrated test facility

The design and engineering phase where we develop the details and the documents that allow the building and process equipment to fit together and work together alongside the procurement and build phase where we ensure that the high-level plans are performed according to the vision and plan.


commissioning, acceptance testing, training & handover, and systems integration services for integrated equipment and integrated test facility

The guarantee phase where we comprehensively perform commissioning and acceptance testing according to the acceptance criteria developed at the beginning planning stages of the project.

ACS Ntandem systems integration services and deliverables chart for integrated equipment and integrated test facility

Our clients rely on ACS to manage every aspect of a capital equipment project on their behalf, assuming the risk and delivering the facility that meets their requirements. As a single source, hands on to hand over resource, we take on the responsibility for construction planning, equipment design, controls programming, bidding, permitting, commissioning, final acceptance and managing all the milestones in between. Ntandem uses our proven process and application expertise to guarantee a successful systems integration project that brings vision and performance together.

Ensure your integrated production facility or technical center functions at the highest level possible

Ntandem Systems Integration Services


Examples of Systems Integration Projects

End of line systems for automated genset test enclosures and conveyor with integrated controls and data acquisition systems

Automated test and transportation system for end of line production testing increases efficiency

The client wanted to automate and relocate their end-of-line production test system for generator sets that use propane, natural gas, diesel and gasoline. The goal was a total time of three minutes to align with production rates. The process had to be a fully automated test and transportation system, to increase the overall efficiency.

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The system includes a total of seven independent test enclosures with integrated controls and data acquisition systems, an automated delivery conveyor system and a centralized prep area.

With experience in engine and gen-set testing, data acquisition and PLC programming, ACS delivered a turnkey solution with extensive testing capabilities that met the performance criteria for this long-time customer.

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New R&D test facility for an auto manufacturer built on a greenfield site

Transforming a greenfield site into your company’s new technical center

Subaru had already outgrown its old technical center. To accommodate the company’s plans for more development, more testing, and more staff, it needed a bigger space with upgraded test equipment. The aging facility was also becoming expensive to maintain, making a new, greenfield development built to suit Subaru’s changing needs an attractive choice.

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ACS conducted in-depth research to determine the ideal size of each space in the new facility and the infrastructure it would require. Infrastructure, facility, equipment, and systems were not designed as disparate elements, but were viewed as an integrated whole. As the construction manager, ACS had end-to-end visibility of the project and could make construction and equipment decisions that integrated well together.

Once ACS engineers understood and documented Subaru’s testing requirements and capabilities, they were ready to design outward to create an optimal environment for these tests. ACS identified which pieces of equipment could be relocated from the old facility and which would need to be purchased new. The new facility provides space for staffers to collaborate on vehicle development, workshop space to work on vehicle prototypes, and testing areas to test the new designs.

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nvh test solutions, anechoic test chamber, acoustic anechoic chamber, systems integration services, integrated equipment, integrated test facility

Renovation of existing building footprint for two hemi-anechoic test cells required sequencing of work to relocate equipment and not disrupt operations

As part of their strategic plan to reduce time to market for new products and increase product quality, Briggs & Stratton needed to upgrade their acoustic and vibration test lab. Their goals included consolidating lab spaces to bring team members together and increase testing capacity, updating and adding measurement and analysis capabilities, and improving energy efficiency through mechanical and electrical upgrades.

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ACS designed and built an entirely new roof structure to accommodate the new lab. With careful coordination, the roof of the building was removed, and new elevated roof structure was installed. The new roof section also provided support for the air handling units that were supplying the temperature sensitive test spaces.

To access the area and install equipment during the renovation, ACS brought in a helicopter to do the heavy lifting, saving time and money by avoiding the need for an oversized and costly crane.

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Renovated test space improves productivity of engine endurance testing

Renovating a Product Development Lab

To consolidate its endurance testing in a single location and increase its testing capacity, the company needed a contractor who understood testing and its unique environmental requirements; who could perform the facility renovation in phases; and who could accomplish the mission with minimal disruptions while working inside an operating manufacturing plant.

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Since ACS managed the entire construction process, the engine manufacturer had a single point of contact throughout the project. ACS hired and managed contractors and subcontractors, provided site supervision, applied for required permits, and managed each one of the project’s phases.

Because the plant remained operational throughout the product development lab upgrade, the client would have had to tackle it piecemeal if it had kept the project management in-house. By bringing in ACS, the client was able to focus on its core business functions and implement a solution in far less time than an in-house project would have allowed.

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aerospace component, aerospace testing, aerospace end of line test

Increasing end of line [EOL] production testing capacity

Customer needed to increase end-of-line (EOL) testing capacity at their existing facility and sought a turnkey solution with minimal to no on-site construction. Solution needed to be fully integrated into facility.

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ACS designed and built an integrated test cell enclosure for end-of-line production testing within an existing facility. The cell takt time was correlated to production build volumes. The enclosure was designed and built with a full structural frame and includes sound-mitigating, fire-rated walls with a structural floor for spill containment and two double leaf sound doors. A scavenge exhaust system is integrated into the frame.

The test cell is equipped with a mechanical bulkhead for all process piping and a single source of electrical power for complete distribution including motor loads, container conditioning, lighting, and general-purpose receptacles. Cell is self-contained, portable within the facility, and ties to existing facility systems. The test enclosure includes a 24/7 PLC-based Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with gas detection, temperature and ventilation monitoring and control, and an NI™ LabVIEW data acquisition platform.

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