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Embracing Alternative Fuel Technologies: Hydrogen, Renewables and Alternative Solutions

As environmental concerns, consumer behavior, and government regulations drive the need for manufacturers across all industries to adopt alternative fuel solutions, testing in these areas is booming. It’s common for organizations to ask if they can retrofit existing facilities for these new testing needs. While possible, it is vital to fully define end-testing goals compared to the available space and utilities. From there, solutions such as hydrogen, wind, solar, or natural gas demand different systems, storage, and handling. For example, even the testing infrastructure for combustible hydrogen will look different when compared to hydrogen fuel cell testing. A space currently testing gas or diesel combustion engines might be cost-efficiently retrofitted for hydrogen combustion testing, while fuel cell testing demands a different approach.

ACS offers up-to-date expertise across alternative fuel technologies, compliance, and practices to ensure your facility’s advancements are comprehensive, efficient, and future-proofed. Across a wide range of projects, our multidisciplinary teams offer a turnkey solution for test stands, test cells, and facilities dedicated to the secure testing of a wide range of alternative energy projects.

Safety Challenges in Alternative Fuel Technology

Whether transitioning from diesel to battery power or from natural gas to hydrogen, the introduction of new alternative fuel technologies brings fresh safety challenges. Organizations venturing into or expanding product research involving alternative fuels must prioritize the implementation of effective safety measures at the forefront of their endeavors, rather than reacting reactively to crises as they arise. Testing equipment dealing with rotating components, high-pressure fluids, and flammable materials inherently carries risks, especially in R&D where testing outcomes are intentionally exploratory or destructive.

At ACS, we recognize the inherent risks and challenges posed by alternative fuel testing. Our proactive approach ensures that safety measures are integrated seamlessly into every stage of the testing process. We navigate the complexities of testing equipment involving rotating components, high-pressure fluids, and flammable materials, particularly in exploratory or destructive R&D scenarios, with a focus on safeguarding individuals and the integrity of facilities.

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