Modular Test Cells are Portable and Economical

Test cells don’t always have to be in a dedicated brick and mortar building. Unique applications, building requirements or other constraints can lead to the need for custom and innovative test cell solutions. A modular test cell approach is ideal for a variety of products including, but not limited to – engines, turbochargers, pumps, valves, gearboxes, actuators, fuel injectors, hydraulic components, transmissions, spray nozzles, etc.

Modular, Portable, Economical Test Cells

Containerized test cells provide a modular, portable and economical way to conduct product testing for in-line production, end-of-line production, durability testing, certification and Research & Development. With containerized test cell applications, one size does not fit all; many products and applications demand moldular testing solutions as unique as they are.

Benefits of a Test Cell Constructed by ACS

  • Modular: Add on as your needs change
  • Flexible: Choose from a wide range of optional equipment and features
  • Mobile: Move with ease if facility expands or if space is leased
  • Customized: Select a solution that can be manual, semi-automatic or highly automated; and sized to fit
  • Easy to Upgrade: Maximize performance and compatibility as your testing needs change
  • Efficient: Use of space designed to fit your space constraints, inside or outside
  • Price: Minimize onsite construction and costs associated with a permanent test cell

ACS Modular Test Cell Solutions

At ACS, we apply our experience and expertise in testing, equipment, controls and facilities to provide customers with the exact modular test cell solution they require. ACS can provide a turnkey solution including design and delivery of the containerized cell as well as facility support systems, installation services and commissioning. To complement the client’s own internal capabilities, services can also be contracted separately.

ACS Provides a Complete Turnkey Solution Including:

These, and other Test Cells, can be Constructed for any Application:

  • Air/exhaust systems
  • Cooling water
  • Controls
  • Data acquisition
  • Driveline/dynamometer
  • Fluid/fuel
  • HVAC
  • Test article transport/handling/rigging