How Electrification is Changing Testing in R&D

June 23, 2022 - Author: Matt Thiel, Director of Facility Planning and Integration and Randy Rozema Director of Acoustics & Vibration

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The automotive and transportation industry shift from internal combustion to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) requires major changes in how R&D personnel perform testing. This white paper, “How Electrification is Changing Testing in R&D,” will help you plan for the changeover and gain a solid understanding of the new test protocols, how to plan, and ease the big shift.

Read this document to learn about:

  • Considerations for powertrain, environmental and thermal, noise and vibration, and EMC testing
  • C.C. & R: The testing challenges, constraints, and risks inherent in this industry shift
  • Recommendations for planning, designing, and building test facilities for batteries, e-motors, components, and BEVs

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