The Future of Systems Integration: How to Design and Build R&D Test Facilities

March 22, 2023 - Author: Matt Thiel, Director of Facility Planning and Integration and Everett Lenz Project Integration Lead

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The complexity of R&D testing facilities calls for a systems integration approach to meet the organization’s goals for robust data. It is a common misconception that technology ranging across devices, systems, controls, equipment, and automated systems will work together seamlessly. Instead, it takes a dedicated commitment to systems integration that leverages the experience and expertise of test equipment, supply chain, and industry experts to help plan, design, build, commission, and validate acceptance on an organization’s vision for a new test environment.

Read this document to learn:

  • How technology and test requirements are driving the need for better integration of equipment used throughout an R&D facility.
  • What it really takes to get your test equipment to operate efficiently and effectively to drive your decision-making.
  • Why test equipment often operates sub-optimally if the facility’s utilities are not sized to adequately support the tests and test systems.
  • How a systems integration approach to designing and building an R&D facility leads to better data for product development and testing.
  • What trends are impacting the need for a dedicated approach to systems integration in R&D facilities.
  • How the five pillars of systems integration address the key areas required for a successful R&D facility capital investment.

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