4WD Chassis Dynamometer Emission Testing Upgrade

May 21, 2020

Project Features:
Dynamometer, 4WD Chassis Dyno, Emissions, Drivetrain, Facility Expansion

Automotive testing solutions

The state-of-the-art facility develops and tests systems for control of emissions based on advanced catalytic technology to provide automakers with solutions to meet regulatory requirements including the new U.S. 54.5 mile-per-gallon corporate average fuel-efficiency (CAFE) targets for 2025. New vehicles will be required to meet lower tailpipe emissions under federal Tier 3 standards, as well as California LEVIII requirements.

The improvements to the facility now allow for an array of drivetrains and vehicle platforms to be tested – from diesel trucks and SUVs, to GDI (gasoline direct injection) engines, hybrid cars and even large motorcycles. The expansion will allow catalyst development for all fuels – diesel, CNG and E85, so whichever direction vehicle manufacturers take, the client can support.


The client wanted to respond to the increasing demand for light-duty vehicle aftertreatment products, testing and validation.


ACS designed and built a facility expansion that included:

  • 4WD chassis dynamometer test cell, including road speed fan, complete raw and dilute gaseous and particulate emissions measurement capability in compliance with US EPA 1066 regulations
  • Vehicle soak area
  • 12-vehicle stacker system
  • Analytical instrument repair room
  • Remodeled building entry foyer